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We want to use video bios as a tactic to enhance what’s included on your LinkedIn profile and resume.  For those who are actively interviewing for roles through me, please prioritize this.  It’s a low-calorie way for you to stand out compared the hundreds of people applying to them directly through their website.

What to Say in Your Video:

  • Introduce yourself (name and where you live)

  • What are your top strengths as a sales enablement professional?  Give an example where those strengths were highlighted.

  • What has been your biggest sales enablement success?  (Be specific on the “what" and the “how" in your story)

  • Optional (time permitting):  What problems do you like to solve, and why?


  • Record your video on your computer or phone and upload the file here.


  • Watch the sample Video Bio below.

  • Let your personality shine through.  Specifically, I would advise everyone to let their enthusiasm come across.  

  • Keep it between 4-5 minutes.  If it’s longer, tighten it up.  If it’s much shorter, you’re probably lacking specificity.  

  • Make sure you’re relaxed and conversational.  If you sound stiff, record it again until it sounds conversational.

  • Maintain eye contact with the camera— not your image on the screen.  

  • Make sure your responses include the context (i.e. “My top strengths are….  My biggest sales enablement success is...”)


  • Don’t repeat what’s on your resume or LinkedIn profile.  This is meant to be complementary to that.

  • Don’t worry about production value.  Don’t overthink things— just make sure they can see you and hear you clearly.